Contribution &

Reward Survey

This 2018 report on partner contribution and reward is the result of a research into how partner contribution is assessed and managed, and how professional services firms structure and determine partner compensation. 

The report sets out our key findings and presents a model for contribution and reward management we call the Performance to Reward trilogy.


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About the authors

Michael Roch

Michael Roch

Michael Roch is CEO of MHPR and Head of Consulting for Performance Leader. For over 20 years and in over 40 countries Michael has advised partnerships and international PSF networks on partner remuneration, profit sharing, capitalization, partnership governance and other strategic issues. He is a former accountant, lawyer and co-founder and CEO of the boutique strategy firm KermaPartners. Michael is author of Partner Remuneration in Law Firms (Globe Publishing).

Ray D’Cruz

Ray D’Cruz

Ray D’Cruz is the CEO of Performance Leader. Ray advises clients on partner and employee contribution frameworks, contribution management practices and the design and implementation of technology. He has worked with over 100 PSFs internationally. Ray is a former lawyer and senior HR practitioner. He is co-authoring the second edition of Partner Remuneration in Law Firms (Globe Publishing) with Michael Roch.